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ILDOCK lets you use your wired headphone while charging your iPhone. You can also read SD, TF and USB drive with ILDOCK Plus

By now, everyone has seen many jokes and videos made about the lack of phone jack on iPhone 7. You could put a 3.5 mm to a lightning adapter, but that would mean you cannot charge the phone at the same time. We have a solution for you:

ILDOCK contains a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a lightning charging port, enabling you to listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time.

For those who prefer 2 Lightning ports, we have created ILDOCK DUO is the same style as ILDOCK.

Besides a headphone jack and lightning port, ILDOCK Plus provides ports for a SD/ TF card and USB. You can read pictures from up to 128GB flash card with ILDOCK Plus or connect to your USB drives.

In Action

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No software to install. Simply plug and play. Now, you can listen to music via your favorite phone, charge your phone, and read pictures from storage to your iPhone, all at the same time.


Not only is ILDOCK the first to offer you 3.5 mm + lightning port, but it is also the best looking iPhone dock. We use aircraft grade aluminum and precision CNC to create ILDOCK’s beautiful look that will match your iPhone. There are four colors to pick from:

Superior Quality

We know iPhone takes a lot of daily abuse; that’s why we made ILDOCK extra durable, and its ports can withstand twice the physical wear and tear of a standard one.


Not only is ILDOCK packed with features, but it is light and fits into your pocket. And you can take it off when you don't need it.


ILDOCK lets your phone read flash card of your camera and copy files from them with out a computer.


ILDOCK allows you to use it with or without a phone case, and it fits a wide range of case sizes.

ILDOCK not only works with iPhone 7 but with any iPhone or iPad with lightning port.



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Why we need your help 

We started this project in January, when the rumors started flying about the future iPhone 7 having no phone jack. We figured that, even if iPhone 7 kept the jack, ILDOCK can still be a useful product for iPhone users. Now that the new iPhone really has no phone jack, we want to bring this product to market as fast as possible for all the iPhone users out there. We would need the money to mass produce and get certification to bring this product to you. That’s why we are offering our backers such an attractive reward. Please support us and let’s make this happen.


Lance - Founder. Electrical engineering. 8 years of making iPhone related products. Music lover and a hiker. Nick loves Apple products and wants to create the experience for other Apple users.

Matthew - Co-Founder. Marketing and Business Development Expert. Loves painting and running. 5 years of promoting and selling consumer electronic products.

Mariya - Supply chain and Operation guru. Making sure development, manufacturing, and operating run smoothly. Loves swimming and outdoors. 6 years of supply chain experience.


If we cannot manufacture as promised, we will return your funds. We will take care our backers, because you believe in us, and we will replace any defective units.


We claim no ownership of trademark on products that are not made by ILDOCK. iPhone, iPad, and lightening port are Apple trademark.

About Taxes 

All international duties, taxes, or clearing fees are not included in the prices. We highly recommend you consult your local tax authorities first. Different countries have different tax policies. If you must pay the duties/taxes, but you refuse to, your package will be abandoned. If that happens, we can neither ship another package nor issue a refund.

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